Launch on Kickstarter

Got a product to launch? Join our next cohort to go live and get funded on Kickstarter in just 12 weeks. No surprises: Sign-up now to get your FREE Kickstarter roadmap/checklist and bring your idea to life!


5 reasons to launch

  1. Win early customers/advocates
  2. Pre-sell without upfront risk
  3. Validate market exists for further investment
  4. Increase awareness in a busy attention economy
  5. Keep equity in your company

Pre-launch Campaign

A ‘pre-launch’ campaign is a preparation period before you go live. Learning from our own and other’s successful and unsuccessful campaigns, we crafted a pre-launch programme that increases your chances of success.


Success means…

(In your prelaunch campaign we’ll help you to…)

Customer confidence

Sounds pretty obvious but many overlook! We conduct qualitative/quantitative tests to discover who you are targeting and how to target them better.

High converting lists

The moment you go live you want to be funded in the first few days to boost your rankings. We frequently interrogate your lists for the best leads.

A beautiful story

Design a beautiful, coherent and converting story across all your touchpoints (including your page & video) that resonates with your brand and captivates your audience.


Launch with Launchers

We’ve been there before, launching alone is tough: A pre-launch campaign ladened with unknowns, uncertainties, difficulties, responsibilities, and fleeting motivation. However, as a group, motivation is maintained, you get unstuck easier, and inspiration/cross-pollination is the norm.


What is the Kickstarter Academy?

12 week, hands-on, part-time programme, with one purpose: Launch your product successfully.

Actionable Course

Address those crowdfunding unknowns with a self-service, action-orientated online course, and workshops.

Accountable Group

Get more done and tackle the curse of “I’ll do it tomorrow” with weekly accountability check-ins as a launch group/cohort.

Expert Mentoring

Make your best content and a compelling campaign with field-expert mentorship and regular reviews along the way.

Launch Party!

We’re going live in style with an organised launch party. Demo your product to customers, investors, and press!

Don’t miss out!

We begin the programme as a group in November 2017 to launch by March 2018.
Sign up now, don’t miss the boat, or you’ll have to wait till next year 😮

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“As a co-founder, I would have loved to have a programme like this before we launched. We made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of hours and resources, over 2 years, doing things that didn’t always bring us a great ROI. The Academy reduces the risk and runway and reframes the journey from a need to do to a want to do.”

– Andrew Wilson, Co-Founder, Journal Life

Picture this…

Your phone buzzing with backer updates, journalists dying to cover your story and your once idea is now becoming a reality… Launching on Kickstarter is a rush! Let’s get you closer to it. Get the roadmap to launch now and let us take you closer to success!